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Hello! I'm looking for some help on non profit fan comics me and others are working on.

I need and editor for a Steven Universe fan comic. The editor needs to have a decent grasp on the English language and must communicate ideas as well.

I need an artist for a Fairy Tail comic. I have one artist, and another artist would help out a lot!

If more artists want to join for the comics, feel free too!

If interested, comment below and we'll talk from there!
Preview of PPGD spin off comic
This is a preview of one of the fan comics I am writing (1 of 3 (so far)) and other artists have volunteered to help me to work on. It is called "Ambivalent: A Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi spin off story". Here are the main characters that will appear in the comic as of now, along with descriptions s of them will be below.


Jeremiah: Age- 16: A young boy, 16 years old, a genius and prodigy who was very sickly from Leukemia, survived for years hospitalized due to his family’s vast fortune, but has resentment towards them because his family wanting to have nothing to do with him. Gets picked by Gnome as an apprentice/partner in order to defeat the forces of good and evil alike. Jeremiah invents Formula Ultra, an upgraded version of Chemical X, to heal himself. Although healed, he hasn’t gained powers right away, he needs to train himself and gain powers gradually. He has the powers to control light and dark powers, and discovering new uses and abilities with time. He and Gnome form a team to combat good and evil in the world, and possibly the universe as well. Personality wise, although very intelligent, he can do stupid things due to over analyzing situations and well, just being thoughtless and or excitable in wanting to showcase his skills and impress. When it comes to battle, he will not back down if he doesn’t have to, he doesn’t like to lose too often as it reminds him that he is a failure, like his family treated him. But more importantly, he will do anything to make sure his family is out of harm’s way, even if it means losing 1000 times and him dying, he will always put his family first out of any ambitions or anything he has in mind. He wanted to make a family, one that he rarely had when growing up, so he will care for them no matter what.


Bunny: Age- 11: Resurrected from the beyond, Bunny was a powerpuff created by the Powerpuff Girls as another sister to take on their hero responsibilities, but because she was unstable she exploded. Was a lost soul in purgatory, but Gnome felt her presence, her soul had a different energy to it and so he brought her soul with him back to Earth. Using his magic and Jeremiah’s science, they gave her a new body, infused with Formula Ultra as well as the other members of the team. Has some of the basic powerpuff powers, but her unique powers come from her telekinetic abilities, such as telekinesis and such. Her personality is mostly introvert, she is smart and loves to read books and to learn and discover, and she does show her love for her family in a calm manner and will always keep the team/family together for any obstacle. She can be cool and calculating when in tough situations and is open to any suggestions.


Brite: Age- 11: Found in a rundown house near Professor Dick’s factory of cheap imitation powerpuffs, “Powepuff Xtreme”, Brite was the only powerpuff that was the closest, if not exactly, like the normal PPG, but one problem was, because she was one of Dick’s imitation PPG, she needed to refuel on Chemical X from time to time. When he left his home to go to the factory to get more Chemical X, it was the same day the PPG confronted him, and he, his creations, and factory was destroyed. She laid in the house, completely drained of Chemical X for months, until Jeremiah discovered the house, found Brite, took her back to his lair, and because she was completely drained of Chemical X, he replaced it with Formula Ultra, and made it continuous in her body so she will never need to refuel. She has some of the basic powerpuff powers, but her unique powers are controlling the four elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. As for personality, she acts a little like a brat, she can become overly focused on one matter to the exclusion of most other things, and she get angry and annoyed a bit to easily, but even if she doesn’t show it, she does care about her family a lot and will stick by them through thick and thin, as she has a strong sense of loyalty.


Bullet: Age- 11: In her super squirrel form, Bullet was badly beaten and close to death, until Jeremiah came, used Formula Ultra to revive her, and made and gave her a new organic human girl body as well, in which he filled with Formula Ultra, make her even stronger and faster than her original squirrel body. She has the basic powerpuff powers, but her unique powers is her physical abilities, such as increased endurance, strength, flexibility, and all things relating to physical prowess, making her the strongest powerpuff in terms of physical ability. She is airheaded at most times, but is observant and although she may not be the best at learning, she is creative and will come up with solutions in dire need if need be. Plus, she greatly shows her love for her family and would not trade it for the world.


Gnome: Back from being defeated from the Powerpuff Girls, Gnome was sent into a temporal dimensional pocket, after the PPG made him question if evil was really needed for the balance and freedom of choice, something that people have the right to choose. He spent his time in the pocket, no magic, questioning himself and his ideals. He slowly recovered and gained magic, although nowhere near as powerful as he was once before, he had enough magic to get out of the dimensional pocked, realizing that in order for true equality and order, both evil and good needs to be eliminated. He sought out somebody to help him in this quest. He used his magic to select candidates from the universe, and many special candidates caught his attention, then he narrowed and narrowed it down until Jeremiah was ultimately chosen to be his apprentice, and one day, to be his partner. Although he doesn’t have the magic and power as he did before the PPG defeated him, such as reality manipulation to get rid of all villains, he does have some magic to help him and cast spells to a degree as well. Because of his greatest defeat at the hands of the PPG, Gnome has a low tolerance for failure and will get angry when somethings do not go his way. He is also very mysterious of his new motives and gathering materials for his “grand plan”. Not completely cold, he refrains from showing emotion and sticks to business, and will help out the team if the situation is dire enough or a challenge the team can’t handle, but prefers to let them do missions he give them themselves so they can learn and gain experience for future, harder battles. Although, he has a lot to learn from Jeremiah and his team as well. Who knows how he will change in the future.


Lucius (white cat from PPG): An evil cat that tried to make the people of Townsville to worship cats. Stopped by the PPG and got stuck in a tree, which he eventually got down from and retired from his evil ambitions. Was picked up from the pound by Jeremiah to be his companion and part of the family. He can act snide and snooty at times, but is also the voice of reason, and Jeremiah’s conscious most of the time, when he sees something that isn’t right or may not go well, he will speak up for everyone’s wellbeing. His is more Jeremiah’s best friend that a house cat, and they begin to share a bond that grows stronger with time.

I hope you will enjoy it when it comes out, despite Bleedman and his comics not being as popular as they once were, but I will make the best story possible!
Hello! I have three fan comics (non profit of course) in the works being worked on by three separate artists. All I need now is three volunteers to be an editor for each one.

Requirements for the editors are the person needs to fully understand and have a good grasp of the English language, have a good eye for any spelling or grammar mistakes and whatnot, have free time and be somewhat flexible (Don't worry, I'm as strict as it's sounds, I know we all have lives, just need someone with reasonable free time), and someone who is competent and reliable.

The three comics are a Fairy Tail fan comic, a Steven Universe fan comic, and a Powerpuff Girls Doujunshi ‎fan comic.

Also, about the Steven Universe fan comic, I had two artists, lost one due to personal reasons, and one is still available but might leave in the future. So, I would also like to have another artist (or two if possible and if need be to make it easier) for the Steven Universe fan comic.

Also, as a small side note, I was thinking of doing a Loud House action/supernatural-ish like comic, but since I'm trying to do three comics, I'm not sure about it yet. I have some ideas and stuff worked out for it, but it's on the back burner. But, if anyone may be interested in doing a Loud House comic with me, I might consider doing it as well.

I await your responses!
It feels good to be able to say that in the USA with confidence! I hope you have all an awesome time, spend quality time with family and loved ones, get good gifts of course XD, and all around just have the best Christmas you can!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
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It feels good to be able to say that in the USA with confidence! I hope you have all an awesome time, spend quality time with family and loved ones, get good gifts of course XD, and all around just have the best Christmas you can!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
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